corn soup for good health

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Sweet corn soup is one of the delicious and oldest recipe in china.There was a healthy saying that 1 bowl of sweet corn is enough for a starving stomach it says of how much huge calories and proteins lies in it.

   Its a good diet too.Try adding 1 bowl of boiled corns in regular diet it gives good result for those who wish to burn their calories as it takes some time for digestion it gives a stomach filled feeling and so you cannot go for other snack items.When we are able to make a habit of having soup before our meal it will be helpful in good digestion and also will be a good starter.

Now coming to corn soup recipe it takes hardly 20 mins of time


sweet corns: 1

milk: 1/2 cup

corn flour: 1-2 table spoons

green chilli: 1 optional

sugar: 1teaspoon

salt and pepper: as required

chopped coriander leaves and chilli: 1 table spoon

chopped spring onion:1 teaspoon


1.Remove outer layer and silk threads from corn and separate corn kernels from corn using knife or by hand as our flexibility

2.Now reserve some corn kernels for garnishing and pressure cook rest of them with some water and sugar.

3.Blend the rest well using hand blender or you can drain water from it and grind it well. But after grinding or blending strain it to remove skin.

4.Add milk and reserved corn kernels to the strained mixer and boil it.

5.Add corriander leaves and green chillis to it.

6.boil for 5 mins and to that add 1-2 tbspns of corn flour which is dissolved in water.Stir it well and boil it to thick.

7.Add pepper and salt mix generously.

8.Finally garnish with spring onions and coriander leaves

9.Healthy and delicious soup is ready… enjoy it….!


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