Making Your Own Wedding Dress

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How about making your own wedding dress? Possible or not?

There are many ways to get a wedding dress:

  • buy in the shopping mall 
  • buy online 
  • visit dressmaker or seamstress that specialized wedding gown 
  • rent 
  • make you own
  • borrow from close family and friends
  • thrift stores 

Before deciding on your wedding dress, consider the kind of wedding you want: whether church wedding, beach wedding, garden wedding and the like.

If you have knowledge in sewing, you can make one. Just believe in yourself. There is no harm in trying. Although there are many white dress around but it makes a difference when you make it by yourself.

  1. Be sure the you know how to use the sewing machine, either manual or electric.
  2. Read wedding catalogue/s or pictures, design or design your own wedding dress.
  3. Look for patterns or create your pattern.
  4. Shop for the wedding fabric/s.
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask for experts when you are in doubt or unsure.
  6. When everything is clear, prepare the pattern, fabrics and all the materials needed.
  7. Read carefully the instructions on the pattern.
  8. Pin the pattern to the fabric.
  9. Cut the fabric.
  10. Start Sewing.
  11. Fit the gown and make some measurement adjustments when needed.

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