Robocop 3 (Sega Genesis/1992)

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Delta City is now becoming a reality as the evil OCP corporation begins throwing people out of their homes forconstruction of the new city. The only thing standing in there way is RoboCop – Part man, part cyborg, all cop.


RoboCop looks just like himself, the sprites appear a bit too cartoonish although cleaner, you’ll notice this especially if you’ve played “RoboCop vs. The Terminator”.


No complaints at all, everything acts responsively and is easy to get the hang of, it’s just the awful increasing difficulty that you encounter as you move up in the levels.


This will be a bit hard as you play through it, insanely hard actually. The first level should be no problem but as the game proceeds until you start reaching the flight/jetpack levels, you will be going out of your mind. And when you get up to the Ninja cyborg, forget about it. This is one of those games where you don’t have unlimited ammunition to work with as compared to most ‘RoboCop’ games which have always provided that feature. There are some very cool weapons to use in this game though such as the flame thrower and laser gun. At one point, you’ve got ED-209 programmed to work with you and keeping you covered. 


“RoboCop 3” closely follows the movie and doesn’t particularly have anything new to add to the mix but then again, it doesn’t have anything about it that takes away from what is already there. This game is simply put, a cool and interesting reenactment of the film to experience for yourself. It is one of the better “RoboCop” games out there, I just wished that they had tone down the difficulty a bit in the latter levels and perhaps give RoboCop his Auto-9 gun its unlimited ammunition back.

Rating: ***


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