How to keep your childs hearing safe when buying headphones

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Headphones for kids is a growing sector within the headphone marketplace but more parents are becoming very concerned at just how much time the kids are spending in front of the screen these days and they are worried that if they buy some headphones then it may damage the kids hearing when they get older.

The truth is that there have been some studied to show that long term exposure to high volume headphones can do some damage to your hearing levels but again this isn’t a surprise to most and again we should note down that it is only long term exposure not 30 minutes once a week.

Any parents want to protect their child from harm and it’s perfectly normal to worry that you may be damaging your child with to much exposure to technology, thankfully the risks are very minimal and there are even special solutions to this problem that you can purchase from online retailers.

The special products have features that are built specially with children in mind, they have a volume control that is automatically set to safer levels, they also have a smaller reach so they fit much better for smaller heads but in all honesty I’d still recommend that parents keep a close eye on the volume controls because kids can sometimes still get around technology.

Overall it’s important to still watch your kids when they play around with technology but I wouldn’t get too concerned as modern products have safety features built in and only long term exposure to very high volumes produces hearing damage so it’s important to keep that key point in mind before worrying about your kids hearing.

Teaching your kids to keep the volume down low is probably the best method since you can’t be there 100% of the time to watch them, it’s important to educate them on a damage that they could be doing and hopefully it will persuade them to turn the volume down.


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