human behaviour

human behaviour  deals with the study of human’;;s varying concept related to human psychology .

human’;;s knowing behaviour: human’;;s knowing behaviour is based upon three types of theories which are as follows ;

1.cognitive theory;this theory involves the mental process of thinking ,reasoning,perception,language,remembering ,and decission making.

it focusses on internalization of information,it does not believe in external factor for learning.

2.behaviouristic theory;believes that behaviour can be measured and change through external focusses on conditioning stimulus and response.

3.socio -cognitive theory;it is a subset of cognitive theory .it focusses on learning based on observing others through our experiences and stresses upon the act of emulation.

concept of perception

perception is the way we see the world around us ,it is acognitive process which is psychological in nature ,it can be defined as aprocess in which the indivisual organise and interrupt the sensory impression in order to give meaning to external works.

process of perception

process of perception takes 5 stages and general principles to define  the selection ,organisation,and interpretations of the stimuli

perceptual process draws heavily  from gestalt psychology which is given by german thinkers ac to the psychology the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

1.receiving and selecting the stimuli.

2.organisation of stimuli.

3.interpreting the stimuli.

4.checking the accuracy of stimuli or sensory data .

5.reacting and responding to the stimuli.

principle of perception

it could be understood on the basis of four principles

1.principle of grouping;the perceiver puts together the stimuli of same nature which helps him in his perceptual organisation.

2.principle of constancy:when every perceiver perceive the stimuli in the similar fashion,it gives stability and is called constancy in perception.

3.principle of context:there can be two context organisational and interpersonal.if both the context is favourable to us the perception of same will also be favourable.

4.principle of defence:when the stimuli clashes with our beliefs and values ,we ignore it and give it ablind eye ,or perceive it in the negative light .contrasting situation are usually ignored or fought against.

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