How to create an empire of free blogs.

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If you are looking for a way to make money online then look no further. I have this idea that will help you money. If you are new to making money online then this is really for you. I have made hundereds of dollars with this little trick. There is two choices you have. You can invest in domain names and hosting or you can do this for free. It is totally up to you to choose. 

How to create free blogs?

If you do not have a account get one and create blogs in easy three steps. Once you have a blog you need content therefore you can download through this link this hot free software and upgrade if you like. If you build blogs beware that you create 10 blogs per one e-mail address. If you create more then your account could be penalized by 

How to pick niches to create blogs?

If you have some sort of interests in certain area use this as a tool to provide more information on a site to prospects. If you have knowledge about stocks then create an automatic blog about stocks. If you google you can find a rss feed and implement it on the automatic blogging software. If you are interested in making money online give information about making money with youtube or making money with facebook on your blogs. 

How to make money with auto blogging?

Once you have an Adsense account you are in. If you like to find high paying Google adsense niches then try. Training, life coaching, tax, cancer, health, business coaching. If you can Google the keywords list of high paying Adsense niches. You can find a lot of valueable information. If you are into making money online with then you can write and place ads of on your blog.

How to create domain names which includes the keywords?

There no need for worries if you are new to blogger. You can create a blog in 3 easy steps. You can pick keywords to optimize your blogs domain names for. If your niche is golf the create domain names with,, It is important that your site is optimized for certain keywords. Becareful that you do not spam the blogging sites. Make sure that you deliver valueable information.


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