Your Body Looks Amazing!

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Getting in the best shape of your life is an great goal to have. To reach this goal and for complete stangers to say “Your body looks amazing”, can be within your grasp. To get into this type of condition there are a few things to consider.

Customize Your Diet Today

Customizing your diet is a very inexpensive way to get started. This is a true fact beacause you generaly eat on a regular basis to stay alive, this will be the best place to start. What you put into your body will change your live and this can be a good or bad thing depending on what you are eating.

To customize your diet look at what you are consuming on a daily basis now and start small. Am I eating a cady bar and drinking cola too often? or Do I drinkenough water ? These are the type of questions that you should ask your self and is a great place to start

Buy a small notbook or even a pocket size notbook and start a journal of you daliy consumption. If you eat a pretzel with the works  or a super salad, jot it down! It only takes a moment. After a week or two , read your journal and notice what you have been consuming! What do you think of your habits?

After you evaluate what you have been consuming, pick one or two things you want to change form your notebook. Is it, drink more water? or Replace a meal with a Super Salad? The point is to create a change you do not have to run 12 miles today and eat a completely different diet now! 

Changing one or two things now that can be kept in balance with your current life is great. It will give you the motivation to become a chamption bodybuilder or even better a champion of your own life!


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