Warehouse LED Lights-Prolong lighting solutions

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Warehouse lighting is one of the very big expense for corporate sectors. Studies shows that, it require about 7.6kilowatts hours per square foot early in the USA. The figure is almost same in other countries. In addition with this, it require over twenty thousand BTU of natural gas for every square foot of the space. All this add high maintenance cost of warehouse. In fact, estimated figure shows that from total maintenance cost of warehouses fifteen to twenty percent come from lighting and heating.

Some time this high expense prevent entrepreneurs to add new launches and services with which they can promote their businesses. Entrepreneurs are looking for some innovative ways with which they can cut down this high cost and use this fund in promoting their businesses. Warehouses LED lighting is best solution is this regard. By using LED fixing in storehouses entrepreneurs can save more than sixty to seventy percent on their electrical consumptions. They can also save a lot on their heating requirements by using such innovative technology.

Although, every business owners want to opt for some best and effective lighting methodology with which they can lower down their electrical bill, but still not all business owners have budget to spends thousands of money on altering their electrical setups. It is easy to install LED lights and its countless benefits are more enough to combat installation cost within few months.

Below some main benefits are described of using warehouse LED lighting over traditional systems-Energy efficient: Traditional lighting systems like halogen turn about ninety percent of electricity in to heat. That is of no use and only ten percent of electricity is converted into light. On the other hand, LED convert only around fifteen percent of electricity into heat and around eighty percent of electricity is converted into light. This makes this innovative system not only energy efficient but also cost effective as no need to spend so much in a cooling cost.

Super long life span: LED have very long life over other traditional electrical systems and this leads to very less and easily manageable maintenance cost. It has more than eight to ten longer life when compared to traditional halogen technique.

Safe and compact designs: Most Light Emitting Diode function on low voltage. Thus safe and cool to touch. Also, easy to handle during install. These technology are atmosphere friendly as they can be exposed to rain and snow. There are many places in warehouse and factories where there is a need of very small size but high voltage bulbs. The solution is again the LED, as such kind of bulbs are available in very small size,2mm.


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