Installing Wire Mesh Wire around Fireplace

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In those countries where temperature goes to negative temperatures, having a fireplace is very important. If you are one of the residents of country where there are extreme negative temperatures and looking to develop a fireplace in your home then this article will give your some basic details and tips to continue the project until completion.

Fireplace has special type of wall materials which can bear the heat of the fire. Wire mesh sheet is one of the constituent materials which is combined with mortar to create a strength of materials.

You can buy these wire mesh from shops which sell building material products and super stores dealing with home products easily.

Mesh wire around fireplace

Now once you have mesh wire fence then , you can clean off the area for construction work, if there is some type of electrical installation in the area then you can go for hiring an electrician which will remove any electrical wire in the particular section .

Now, you can start with your work

1: Take out two sheets of building papers and install them on the wall .For the process you should measure the area , from edges and include base in it as well . Now once you have cut the paper then you can go for attaching the material , make use of staple instead of pins . The advantage of this building paper is that it will hide the wall behind the fireplace. You can also use multiple rows of paper to keep the structure strong .At those places where there is an electrical outlet , or fixtures then you can cut off paper at that position.

2: For placing the wire mesh , you need to place the nails , studs on the paper and mark them so that the wire mesh can be place on it .Now once done you can go through placing process, make use of staple gun and place staple points ½ -inches . After this is done whole building place will be covered with paper.

3. After this you should wear some hand gloves to work with sheet metal. You need to cut through the wire mesh sheet using the metal cutters. You may make use of two ways either go with full length sheet with filling in it , or secondly cut the metal sheet in different sections .Now using some drilling machine you can setup your mesh on wall , make it sure that you keep alignment of metal sheet with lower building paper.

4: Before you start placing, screws on the wall for mesh screen, make it sure that you chalk out points where the cutter need to be installed .Now start placing the screw and attaching the wire mesh.

5: After this process you can go for installing electrical fixtures in the fireplace. If any portion is left from wire mesh covering then you can use pieces of it to cover those sections with mesh screen.


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