Gambling is like an illegal Drug

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My name is Ken Fong,

I am here to talk to about why gambling is bad.

I started at a early age, (18) right off highschool, I live in California and there are Privately owned Indian casinos where it is 18 an over.  My friends were already 19 and they been going to the casino in around Sacramento city.

I started going to casinos and I told myself, I wouldn’;t get addicted to Gambling.  So I’;ve been gambling for four years straight.  The first time you go to the casino and you bring only $100 dollars and you double or triple that, or you make at least a easy $50 within a few minutes.  Then you have the motivation to stop and just watch your friends play.  After watching your friends play, and watching them win $50-$500 that makes you think… “hmmm this is so easy in making fast cash, I might come back next time just to make a quick buck.

After “getting Reeled into the “bait” I started going back to casinos even though it was a long drive from San Francisco which is 2 hours away.  The reason why I say gambling is as bad as Herion is because, it is addicting, it is like a drug, People do it for FUN.  Also, drugs are not free and they are expensive, so basically when you are at the casino you are paying for the “entertainment”. Also not just that, after losing a few $100′;s you would want to desperately win your money back, after winning your money back, you tell yourself actually I want to make some easy money today by going to casino.  When you go back to the casino and start gambling, you lose it all and come back the next day to win it back.  This ends up like a “drug” like you really need to win the money and you end up being Happy if you win.  If you don’;t win it back you feel sad, or mad, just like how drug addicts are.. they get mad or sad when they don’;t get to smoke weed or inhale krack.

After getting reeled into the casino, it turns into “The Chase” where you will always want to win your money back and will be hard to quit.  You would eventually spend all your money and Lose all of it !!

The reason why I say Gambling controls your life is because I spend a lot of time at the casino just to win a few hundreds back, and also I ditch my friends just for the casino, and when I am supposedly on paying off my credit card bill, I CANNOT!!!  So please kids, don’;t even go to the casino, unless you’;re there for drinking or just for fun and not get ADDICTED IN THE EVILNESS OF CASINOS.


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