Ya! That is my Mom

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Open the eyes in the morning, with a kiss on my forehead.

Ya! That is my Mom who kissed me.


“Hurry up or else you will miss your school bus.”

Ya! That is my Mom who spoke.


Running in the kitchen to find the best cup of tea in the world.

Ya! That is my Mom who made it.



Struggling to get free while my hairs are combed.

Ya! That is my Mom dressing me.


Pat on my back for excellent performance in school.

Ya! That is my Mom who patted me.

Last bell of school when I run as fast as possible so that you hold me and give me your warm hug.
Ya! That is my Mom who hugged me.
Driving back to home in the car where I ask for that red balloon being sold on the footpath.
Not just the red one, but you buy me the complete bunch of balloons.
Ya! That is my Mom who bought it.
Getting scolding for watching TV the day before exam.
Ya! That is my Mom who scolded me.
Watching the family photograph in my room with the most beautiful lady in the center.
Ya! That is my Mom.
Seeing her watering the red roses in the garden.
Ya! That is my Mom.
Hearing songs in your honey-sweet voice, I am sent to the world of fairies.
Ya! That is my Mom who sung.
But no. No, please!
Where are you taking my Mom?
Leave her. Please.
Shocked, I wake up and realise that was just a dream.
Holding my breathe, I see its morning but mom didn’;;;;t come to wake me up.
Mom! Where are you?
Panting, I went in the kitchen.
She was not there.
Hurrying, I went in her room.
She was not there.
Worried, I went in the garden.
She was not there too.
Looked up in the sky to ask God if he knows where is my Mom?
I found her.
High in the sky smiling and waving her hands to me.
I jumped high to reach her.
Jumped even higher to reach her.
But fell on my knees and got hurt.
Still, flowing blood couldn’;;;;;t stop me.
I jumped even higher and higher, just to feel her once.
But realised its too late.
She was gone. Gone too far from me.
Oh Mom! See I am bleeding. I am hurt.
Wouldn’;;;;t you come to bandage me?
Oh Mom! See I am getting late for the school.
Wouldn’;;;;t you come to wake me in the morning and dress me for the school?
Oh Mom! See I am hungry.
Wouldn’;;;;t you give me that magical cup of tea and those colourful balloons?
Oh Mom! See I have come first in the class.
Wouldn’;;;;t you come to pat me for my achievement?
Oh Mom! See I am unable to sleep.
Wouldn’;;;;t you come to asleep me with your sweet songs?
Oh Mom! I will never watch TV before exams.
But please come back.
Please Mom. Please.
Crying I went to bed, closed my eyes thinking about you.
Oh! Who kissed me right now?
Were that you MOM?

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