black ants

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Have you ever seen a black ant? For most of, yes. They do not bite/sting. Some say most fearful of all ants. But they attack the most sensitive part of an ant, i.e. the antenna and inject there poison. They use their front two legs as an untrained wild horse about hit its trainer. They prefer to run as they can out pace any ants. They are the first ant species who get the food and run away with it. Usually nomads never staying in one place, summer time deep inside earth, winter time over the roof, their race never stops.

Let us consider another curious thing about these small neighboring societies. Ant’s family is divided as workers, soldiers, queens and kings. But in black ants worker and soldiers resemble the same. We can hardly distinguish them. Just we can figure out which is the queen, of course   the fat one lurking out of hole sometimes. In one to one fight versus any other ant black ant is weak, but if number is on there side they take the fight to the other ants. They do not hesitate to attack aging lizards, spiders even cobwebs inside the net. They attack the net of the cobweb first and then attack the cobweb head on; of course the cobweb must be misbehaving with them earlier. Like putting net on the traffic line of worker ants and taking two, three sisters for dinner. But once number of ants gathers and foolishly cobweb venture to catch another sister the war begins. And number always matters, where one single cobweb stands before a disciplined army of black ants.


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