George Washington.

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It is not that strange to say that you can not afford to mention when you have to name a list of great persons who have contributed to build a powerful nation what we know as United States of America. In lots of ways I can say in anyone or almost everyone would agree with me that George Washington is named on the top of the list. He is almost mythical if he is not for certain. As the first president he deserves lots of respect from his fellow Americans. 

There is quite some humor and myth about this first president. There is lots of love and respect showed towards him as a first leader of the nation as a president. Washington never became a president of glorious leadership of all time or he was not in a position become a leader of USA of all time. The originator of the “citizen president” concept was thought through Mr. Washington. This appears clear that he is “citizen president” that he decides not to run for a third term. 

Before Washington was a leader for the nation he showed his outstanding skills on the battle field. He learned all the ins and outs of war fighting in French and Indian war. The respect and the influence have earned him the title as chief commander of the American army when the role was created by continental congress in 1775. Although he became president few years later he still carried on the title as chief and commander on the battle field. 

When he fought a battle against the British there was beautifully captured scenes to cross the Delaware to New Jersy to plot a suprise attack. This shows his outstanding skills of waging war and his firm grasp. 

His contribution for the nations leadership was heavily rewarded when he became the first president of USA. His wisdom and insights were of real use to striving for a republic. Only a few really recognize his contributions when America is torn from war. Washington signed an amount of treaties that helped build the nation from war to having peace. George Washington served two terms and decided to return to his private life. His impact was enormous on the nation and the world. He shaped the nation through his influences and he has earned much respect and he ended war through treaties. He has earned the title as “Father of the nation”.


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