A brief article about ghost

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This article is about ghost , so please do not run away .:) Ghosts are told in the stories. We see movies like haunted house , but do they really are? Science say ghost are a myth, we can’t see them so how can we take it as they are real? Quite a logic, but some house including White House of US is also haunted. Not convinced, please check out the old diaries of white house when Winston Churchill was Guest of President Franklin Roosevelt.

  But are ghost bad? Can’t say. Because if you are a evil one and torture someone to death, then if he/she turns into a ghost it is hundred percent sure he/she will come after you or you will feel like it. The second case is more applicable due to human psychology. It is like the last attachment of a person to this earthly world like mother’s love for a child, if the mother is no more , her shadow remains with the child till she thinks that child is big enough   to look after himself. Sometimes people get so attached to some thing [like house]that after their death they remain there until they are convinced that they are dead. Now a day’s science started look after paranormal activities. So if you see a ghost do not shout or sprint away, may be someone  is asking for your help or you may be the only person who can hear and see him and finish up his unfinished business. Helping someone never  goes unrewarded. These imprints of persons can only harm you if and only if you done bad things to them when they are alive or disturbing their resting place or destroying something they are attached to it. If we can gather information from them regarding after life it will be a ground breaking theory in twenty first century.


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