Switch to the basement in one off cleaning

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One off cleaning is usually undertaken for some deep and thorough sanitising of the entire house. Some houses, though, are fresh and pure enough, so one off cleaning may be eased by overtaking the sanitising of only one particular room. However, whether it is an overall cleaning at home or identifying only single premise for disinfection, one off cleaning can’t go without the basement. In many houses, basement is that hidden secret, where dirtiness conquers and rules! The mess is the constant habitant here, while the germs are spreading with the speed of sunlight!

So in case you are about to do some really huge purge at home, switch to the basement in the one off disinfecting, as well! See some really helpful and good tips for this exhausting cleaning procedure and return the order to the basement:

  • When you clean the basement in the one off cleaning, the main goal for you should be to bring in some light, hygiene and perfect organisation. For this reason, store organisation must be put on a pedestal! Make a strict plan and try to order things finely. Remember that too much stuff and items will eventually spread the dust mould and germs again in few weeks.

  • Some basement haven’t been cleaned or disinfected for years. Such premises can suffer from dust and insects. In this case, some renovations or small repairs are required. Then, you can proceed with the one off tidying up, which in this case may be some top-to-bottom after builders sanitising.

  • Reduce the humidity and eliminate the mould in the basement! The natural cleaning products such as white vinegar and ammonia can do the job. Though, if you see that one off cleaning here is very hard, use borax and hydrogen peroxide, which are stronger and more efficient in the disinfection task!

  • In case you succeed to tidy and sanitise the basement really well, you can make some home improvements in here. Use the free space for arranging a little coffee table and a set of chairs! Go down and relax anytime you feel under the weather and spend some resting time with your thoughts!


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