Emergency Food Storage And What To Store.

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When the dollar loses it’;s value and cash doesn’;;t exist anymore the highest demand will be food. It already is but, alot of people these days have the option to eat when they feel like it. How about not knowing where your next meal was going to come from. No churches or pantries giving away free food. No government assistance. That sucks right? Good thing you have the option now to purchase extended life food items; that you can store in your basements, storage rooms, and bug-out bags “just in case”.


Can goods are great for preparing, but keep in mind life expectancy is between approximately 2-5 years; the lesser depending on the acidity level of the product. Items that include tomato sauce fall in this category. Remember don’;t eat anything that smells rotten. Dispose of dented,rusted, or cracked cans.


Dried Beans are wholesome; perfect for the long haul. When packaged in air tight containers and stored in a dark cool,but dry place they can last 10 years or more.


Freeze-Dried Food is the best and most widely used method of many survivalist. Originally used by NASA and the U.S. Military, freeze-dried food does not lose it’;s nutritional value; unlike the methods I mentioned above. It also retains it’;s flavor, texture, and color. When stored in a cool,dark, and dry place freeze-dried foods can last 7-25+ years; which makes it the champ of emergency food storage methods.

Here are 2 companies that I shop with that sale freeze-dried foods and other emergency preparation products.

Nitro-pak not only sales freeze-dried foods, but it also specializes in emergency prep equipment.
You can really get yourself set up.

efoods is another great place where you can get freeze-dried products; and they specialize in gourmet foods.

That’;s all I have for now but when ever I come across a good company that sales emergency prep stuff I’;ll post it here.


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