Star Wars: Episode I – Racer (Nintendo 64/1999)

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Not much of a plot to begin with, but it is based around the pod race from “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace”, featuring different tracks andenvironments from various planets and even includes some racer characters from the movie.


Stylish pod-racers, all different and unique; outstanding environments to race through with incredible backgrounds. The amount of detail in this game is unbelievable, especially when your racer crashes or you lose a part of it, then you get to watch as sparks light up while your vehicle skids across a wall or land.


Not too hard to memorize, you’ll get used to performing precision turns through 90degree tunnels no matter how wide your pod-racer is. Coasting, or rather e-braking, comes in handy too as it allows your pod-racer to sort of power slide in whichever direction you wish to go. The boost option in this game really defines the meaning of the word boost here, guaranteed. 


Amazingly superb. There’s a variety of tracks and planets to choose from – Hot, icy, desert, you name it. Wherever you select, you’ll be up against twelve different racers, each one with their own tricks up their sleeves. Sebulba or someone else is bound to push you off course and make you lose. You need to go extremely fast to win these races and the top speed in this game is at 700 miles per hour (!) but you need to slow down a bit when making turns of course. This game is where “The Fast and The Furious” meets “Star Wars”. There’s also a few different games to play: The primary Tournament mode, Free Race, Time Attack, and 2 Player (with computer bots included).


Replay can be done over and over again in this game, it’s just one of those games, simply said. You’ll find yourself yearning to advance, earn more money, and unlock secret pods, levels, and racers. This game doesn’t have much of a story as I have mentioned earlier, it’s just pure intense (really, really intense) pod-racing, lifted right out of the movie itself and much for. This is the ‘Need For Speed’ of the ‘Star Wars’ video game franchise here.

Rating: *****


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