Get your arms in shape with dumbells

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Without a doubt, dumbbell is one of the common fitness equipments that is used across the globe. One dumbbell comprises of two identical weights that are connected to the handle, there is advantage of removing and fixing the weights as per the requirements. The main reason behind choosing this equipment is to tone and build muscles, they can be used for developing other body parts as well. They are available in varied sizes and weights. Let us get familiar with the different types, forms of exercises, and how to perform safe exercises with them –

Types – There are three common types – adjustable, selectorized and fixed. The adjustable ones are made of metal. Its handle has a crosshatch pattern, this helps the users to have a better and a firm grip. Weight disks can be easily added on at the end of the handle and it can be secured using clips or collars. Talking about fixed weight, it has weights which are permanent, they are made either of plastic shells or cast iron. Selectorized ones have the provision of adding adjustable weights, this offers the users to conveniently change the weights. The weights can be easily changed by removing the selector pins.

Different exercises – With the changing times, there are new methods of making use of dumbbells that have emerged. This equipment can be used to work out different parts of the body. As per the experts, the most common exercises are doing triceps kickbacks, French presses, decline seated bicep curls, inclined and flat chest press, hammer curls, overhead triceps extensions, lateral raises, front raise, seated should presses, upright rows, single leg calf presses and seated calf raises.
Doing safe exercises – There are so many dumbbell exercises that you can perform to minimize the risks of injuries, hence gaining rewarding results. Make sure that you warm up before you actually start your work out with dumbbells. This will make the muscles prepared for a strenuous workout session. Choosing the right dumbell is also very important because if the weights are too heavy, you may end up hurting yourself. If any point of time, you feel pain, make sure you instantly reduce the weights. If the pain persists, then you should stop exercising and take a rest. Next time, when you start the exercise schedule, you should start with the lighter exercises.
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