Babe Ruth Bio

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Babe Ruth was born on Feb. 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland.  His name at birth was George Herman Ruth, Jr.  Babe Ruth passed away at 53 years old due to cancer of the throat, mouth, and nose and pneumonia.  He died in New York.

When George Ruth Jr. began playing baseball he played the catcher position.  George began playing baseball as a young boy when he was in school.  He began pitching when he was 15 years old.  George Ruth Jr. took on the nickname of Babe at the age of 19 when he was contracted by a minor league baseball team.

The first major league team Babe Ruth played for was the Boston Red Sox.  Babe played for the Red Sox for five years.  After the Red Sox Babe Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees.  While playing for the Yankees Babe played outfield and Pitched.  In 1935 Babe Ruth got traded by the Yankees to the Atlanta Braves.  The Braves was the last team Babe Ruth played for.  In 1969 Babe Ruth earned the title of Greatest Player Ever.  Babe Ruth holds several records that have yet to be broken by other baseball players.  He played in ten world series games as well.

Babe Ruth took his first wife, Helen Woodford, in 1914.  Helen died in 1929 in a fire.  The same year of his first wives death Ruth remarried.  His second wife was Claire Hodgson.  Babe Ruth had two children, both girls.  Their names were Dorothy and Julia.


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