Professional Opinion Of The Benq W1070 Home Theater Projector – above average features but for a great price

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We are aware that most people prefer getting to the bottom line fast. So we have decided to comply. here is the summary of the article:


1. very high brightness and contrast levels.

2. almost no rainbow effect or fuzzy image with rapid camera movement

3. black levels are very deep and pleasing. no eye strain and squinting in dark scenes.

4. ECOmode to conserve lamp life


1. Fans make too much noise for our task

2. The optical zoom is a bit week 

3. Light can leak from the box. very noticeable in light controlled rooms/surroundings.

The Benq w1070 projector is, in our opinion at least, a terrific choice for gaming and 3D movie buffs. This product goes on our ‘;good’; list for having a low price comparative to other similar products, a high image quality, and very high brightness – two things that are not usually found on the same projector. Benq w1070 has fine 3D capabilities and of course is complete HD ready (1080 progressive scan). Continue reading to learn about the more subtle details and analysis: 

Firing up the benq w1070 projector for the first time is quick, painless and straightforward due to the fact that all of the ports are arranged in the back of the housing conveniently. Image quality of this model is great. The main difficulty with most projector technology is contrast in highly lit rooms and surroundings. Nevertheless, this projector features higher brightness, while still sustaining a long lifetime of the lamp itself – utilizing the new SmartECO mode that saves energy. You have to remember that the lamp can sometimes cost like half the projector in total! That’;s why this feature is very important and not only ‘;nice to have’;. 

Here are a few comments about image quality: In vibrant ambient light, the benq w1070 is still able to create a lovely, crisp image. The ‘;deep black’; detail becomes more impressive due to the fact that it is virtually the same in a dark room and when it is in standard daylight. A great function of the w1070 is the built in speakers. Their intent was to not be a substitute for a comprehensive surround sound-system. They do possess a decent volume, though not sufficient to wake up the neighbors 🙂 These speakers are fantastic for embarrassing times where you neglect to bring your speakers with you and really do have to have the sound for your presentation or screening.

One more fun aspect of the w series in general and this projector specifically, is that they perform right away with practically no setup time needed. Color palette is out of the box ready and balanced.  

A key feature we wanted to look at and test was the 3D image and glasses capabilities. Looking at the image, you will not find any faults such as an odd shade or jumpy image (which is very common in most popular DLP projectors in this price range). When tested, we did notice a small decline in brightness levels when watching 3D content with glasses. All and all, it is not problematic at all, mainly because this model has a monstrous brightness, right out of the box. You have to understand that most screens and projectors have this difficulty. The picture created with 3D was beautiful and has quite a wide color palette and range. The glasses are mostly comfortable and you don’;t even notice they are there following a minute or two of use. It requires literally only a short amount of time to get the benq w1070 operating and running.

we recommend taking a look at the company home page specifically the w series  page.

check out here our full review of this product on our web-site.

we have a nice video for you also available here. it has the w1070 in action for visual consideration.

To make the image square on the wall is easy utilizing the levers around the case and a simple screwdriver. When done with that you could adjust the zoom and focus quit easily. To sum up this short review we’;ll say that we genuinely liked this benq projector and largely recommend it. we identified most functions to be solid most of all the 3D image capabilities. It has lots of pros and compared to other projectors of its price range you won’;t find a better product.

we would like to recommend this nice site that has more tools and tips about this product.

Feel free to contact us at any time for questions. We would be happy to help.


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