Travel: Las Vegas During The Summer

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The heat can be over 100F during May to October. You’ll need to wear sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen. You’ll be able to use the pool for cooling off but by far that’s the only thing that good outside of the casino during the day time in summer. During the night time, you can venture outside and walk the strip. The weather is much better during the night time.

If you’re going to be in Vegas during the summer, you should bring very short and light clothing. You will not need long shirts and pants either. Shorts and tank tops are the best for summer travel in Vegas. You won’t be able to cool off in winter clothing. It’s not a good idea to travel to Vegas in heavy clothing during the summer time. You should wear light color and thin texture clothing. You can also bring a bottle to spray yourself outside when it gets hot. You can wear sandals instead of shoes. Shoes will be too much for the summer time here. If you dress light, then you can be more comfortable in the heat.

It’s best to stay inside the casino during the day time and then come out during the night time. The weather usually cools off around 7pm. You won’t have heat problems after 7pm. The casino has full air conditioning and you won’t have any problems staying cool. It’s best to hide indoor until after 7pm. There’re many things to do indoor and you don’t have to go outside. There’s not much to do outside of the casino. When you’re in Vegas, you should stay indoor to stay away from the heat.  If it’s possible, you should travel before or after the summer time.


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