Pets for beginners

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When selecting a pet for the first time the three most important things one has to remember is :

1. Space required for the pet at home.

2. Initial cost and cost to maintain the pet.

3. The pet’s interaction with the members of the house.

In here I am discussing the merits of having a bird as a pet as opposed to dogs, cats and fish.

If the house is big enough for it to walk around a dog or cat is fun to have around, but if the space constraints are limited and you dont get much time on a daily basis to interact with the pet, it is best to invest in a small bird that will keep you company. Now birds will require space according to their size.

Birds of the parrot family which are the most popular amongst bird owners require larger cages compared to smaller birds such as finches or lovebirds.Parrots and Macaws are the best birds to keep in terms of companionship because they can bond easily to their owner but require a lot of time with the owner. Lovebirds also tend to develop a liking to their owner to some extent. But Finches are happiest on their own if kept as a male-female couple, for first time owners who don’t have a lot of time to spend everyday with them these birds are a great match. A canary is good to have too since it entertains with its song, and like finches they don’t like to be handles.

Even though parrots can live in smaller cages relative to their size, they require the largest cages or aviaries. An ‘Aviary’  is essentially an outdoor cage which is bigger. Finches and lovebirds on the other hand require much smaller cages which have room for horizontal flight.  Here finches are the better choice when it come to choosing a first time bird pet as they require the least space.


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