The Stinger P311 by Crosman

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Recently I convinced my parents into purchasing an Airsoft pistol for me, I don’;t know why I wanted one. They just seemed interesting. I managed to purchase one off of for about 20.00 CAD.

Lets start off with a little description of what Airsoft is for those of you who don’;t know what that is. Airsoft is basically Paintball. But, Airsoft in my opinion has cheaper guns, more ammo for the price and are more powerful as they use plastic and/or metal BBs (the Ammo)

What you get upon purchase:

– Crosman Stinger P311 Pistol

– Manuals

– Instructions

The pistol is the first Airsoft weapon I have ever gotten. It is simply amazing having something like this with you, not only do you feel a lot more safer but you can also play around with your friends. However, as much fun as they are to have around it is not recommended to showcase these infront of Police Officers as they may think you have a firearm and fire at you. Here in Canada where I live it is 100 % legal to own an Airsoft gun of any sort, but how you decide to show it is up to you.

Gear is also extremely important. No, I don’;t mean looking cool and all, I mean safety equipment. Goggles are the recommended minimum and if you have less I’;m pretty sure it is illegal or simply not recommended. I honestly don’;t have any safety equipment however mainly because I don’;t play competitively. 

In regards to the Stinger P311, I suggest getting the clear stinger as then if a Police officer is to see it they will be less likely to assume it is a firearm. The Stinger P311 is a top of the line pistol and is extremely durable. It has gone through some serious drops and falls but still remains in mint condition. Not is it only brand new looking but it shoots at over 200 FPS (Feet per Second).

The pistol has a 12 round magazine and is extremely easy to reload. The only problem is if you decide to eject the magazine while there are some BBs in there 2 will always get caught and you will have to shake the pistol a little to get the BB out. The gun is extremely durable, has nice weight and feels realistic but has some cons too. For one thing the magazine is made of really cheap plastic and feels really weak but I haven’;t experienced any issues with it and you can always pick up a spare or 2 off the Crosman website.


– Durable

– Nice Weight

– Cheap but effective

– Realistic looking


– Cheap Plastic Magazine

– Somewhat full mags will leave 2 BBs stuck until shaken out

– Does not come with BBs

You will NEED to purchase BBs for the Crosman Stinger and only 6mm BBs will do. You can easily however pick up a few thousand from anywhere from 5.00 CAD to 20.00 CAD.


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