Which One is Best Method– Online or Offline Language Learning?

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In the last 8-10 years computer based solutions becomes more popular. One basic reason of its popularity is the minimization of error. Now in any organization either it is big or small, people prefer to use computer software’s to keep the record of their work. Computer Software’s play an important role in every field of life, learning a new language online is also a newly born concept that is going to peak day after a day. Due to advent of new sofware’s like skype, Viber and Whatsapp etc in computer technology, there remains no problem in learning different languages from different places.

When you was child and send to school, then the teachers and courses were the only resources for you to learn a language. You can only learn your native language; there was no one who had a full command on other languages. But now due to expansion of Internet all round the world you can learn any language of your own choice. Now you can find many people in your neighbor that have a strong grip on more than one language. Internet also makes easy for people to learn any language in their home language. E.g. If person sitting in USA wants to learn Urdu language, he is now able to learn Urdu in English. It is because of many people of Urdu communities also having a good knowledge of English language so there will be no problem in conservation if learner knows only English.

This Online language learning method arises a question in learner’s mind that which method is quite good and easy to learn either online or offline? According to me both methods are good but it depends on learner that which one suits him. There are few pros and cons of each method which I will highlight below:

The Pros And Cons Of Online Language Learning:

Online language learning creates an environment for you in which you can communicate with many people all round the world. This will help you to communicate with people having different ascents. If you are learning Urdu then it is quite easy to speak Urdu with persons living in Pakistan or India, or you can communicate in English with people living in USA. Another main factor of language learning is money. How much you have to pay for learning a new language. Due to language exchange rates an American can pay much less if he wants to learn Urdu language.  As Urdu is spoken in Pakistan and its currency is Rupee and One hundred and four Rupees is equivalent to one dollar. So American can pay much less if he chooses an online Urdu course.

In contrast there are some cons of Online learning, if an Urdu speaker wants to learn English language online then he had to pay 104 time more money because of currency exchange rates.

The Pros And Cons Of Online Language Learning:

If we take the same example of currency exchange rates, then people who want to learn English language from Pakistan have to pay much more if they choose online language learning method. The best way for them is to choose an offline language learning method.

 It is very famous quote that one person doesn’t know everything. So it’s the big disadvantage of offline language learning that you can only afford a single tutor and only interact with him in particular language you want to learn. Offline learning may provide you a good body language but you are not able to practice your learning expertise with more people.

I have explained some basic pros and cons of both online and offline language learning methods. Now you have to decide that which one is best for you and to which method you feel more comfortable.  


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