Assumptions are 90% wrong

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                                    My Friend from New York share her story with me

She says that she was waiting for her departure on Washington DC when suddenly she saw a young black American sits beside her, she did not give any response to him but suddenly she saw that the young men start eating her biscuits packet which she was eating herself while reading newspaper.

She was amazed that the guy did not ask her permission and start eating with her, even she did not know him, She start assuming these things in her mind, “Blacks are very stupid people, there were our slaves in past, they have no manner, they are ugly and bad people,  they shouldn’t be living with white people”  so these all thoughts were running in her mind , after sometime she is ready for her flight and both of them were about to end the biscuit packet and the last biscuit was taken by that black person and he split it into two parts and offer half part to her she take it and left her seat without saying anything to him.

She went into the plane and sit on her seat, after couple of minute the plane takeoff, she was relaxing on her seat and after sometime she put her hand in her bag and she was surprised that her biscuit packet was in her bag, she was quite astonish that “how can her biscuit packet be in her bag” when she realize, she comes to know that guy was not eating her biscuit packet rather she was eating on the guy Biscuit packet unconsciously”

She feel so sorry and think that her assumptions was 100% wrong and she says so many bad things to him in her heart and mind without knowing the actual reality of the scenario

So in our daily life we make assumptions about people and their behavior without knowing or talking to them so I will request all my reader to never make any assumption in your life unless and until you re 100% sure

“Assumptions are 90% wrong in our life” Think on it and you will find it right in your daily life


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