Animal Game For kids: Animal Dungeon

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Animal Dungeon is one of the best animals’ games that are made with the cooperation of WWF, which is also abbreviated as World Wide Fund for Nature.  WWF has first times co-operate in the game that is basically developed to create awareness about poaching and illegal trade of wildlife trade. Apart from Fun, this game is based mostly on the learning part. Kids will learn about many interesting facts and living style of wild animals through this game. In this game kids have to save animals and protect them from the danger so this game is also be in the category of adventure games. This game is not only specifically for boys but also the girls can play it. This game will be informative for both boys and girls. The interesting features and original sounds of wild animals can grab the attention of many children’s.

It is about a small Village boy Tim. Tim use to go to his school via the forest. While his journey through the forest, he use to feed the animals in the forest. He used to talk to them and listen to their voices. He enjoys their company. But one day while he was going to his school he found that the forest was empty. All the forest animals were gone and were in danger. And he has to save them.  In this animal game, you will be playing the role of Tim and will save all the animals.

Animal Dungeon is also the best game for the mobile devices. You can easily get this game from the iTunes stores and Google Play Store on your devices. Animal Dungeon is Paid Game and 5 – 10 per cent of the game sales are donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature for the work and protection of wild animals. The animal Dungeon game is a best attempt to support wildlife protection and is developed by the Appimize Studio. Before its launch, the Animal Dungeon game has gained a lot of popularity. The aim of the development of this game is only to create awareness among the people of all ages whether they are boys or girls, to protect wild animals from the illegal trade and being slaughtered from different personal reasons. Among the forests of Africa and many other countries the illegal trade of wild animals mostly of elephants, tigers and rhinos are increasing day by day. So this game is developed to create awareness among kids that this is a wrong act and we have to rescue them from being slaughtered. 

The animal Dungeon game has many interesting and amazing features. Almost 48 different species of animals are shown in this game. This game also comes in the category of jungle games or in the zoo games. The animated species are shown with their original voices. Besides the fun part, children will learn much about the wild animals from this game. save animals by playing game. This game also increases the love of kids for the wild animals. Must play this game, it has so many interesting and adventurous learning levels and tasks for the kids.  You can easily download this mobile game from iTunes and Google Play.

You can download it from Google Play:-


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