Three Main Steps for Weight Loss

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I know for many people, losing weight can be a hard and challenging task that may seem overwhelming. I’ve had diets and exercise programs that have helped me lose a few pounds but they never lasted and I would always gain back every pound. No matter what I did, I would always return to eating junk food and having a non-active lifestyle.

The truth is that our bodies are a result of how we treat them. In order to look fit and in shape we have to be active throughout the day. The main problem for me was being comfortable with my lazy lifestyle and before I realized it, I had gained twenty more pounds.

As of today, I’ve lost those twenty pounds and plan to lose about 40 more. I believe there are three key steps to help anyone lose weight. The first step is to win the mental battle and to believe that you can reach your goal weight. I remember looking in mirror and not liking the person I saw staring back at me. You have to know that things will not change unless you make them change. You need to realize that there is no magic pill or perfect exercise that will help you lose weight quickly. Even if you gain weight or show no progress, never give up because losing weight takes time and hard work. In order to lose weight you must decide that giving up is not an option or else you might gain back weight.

The second step to lose weight is by managing what types of food you consume. No matter how much you exercise, eating the wrong types of food could make you gain weight. It’s still ok to eat junk food but it has to be in moderation and shouldn’t be the majority of your diet. It’s very important to eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day. You can also look online for lower calorie meal recipes that will help kick start you diet. Tracking how many calories you consume each day can also help your weight loss.

The final step is to have an active lifestyle by trying to exercise every day. The best thing to do is to find a sport or exercise that you enjoy doing. One of the many challenges of exercising is trying to find motivation to be active. Try to find music or motivational videos that inspire you burn calories. Finding someone else to exercise with can also insure that you exercise more often and could add a bit of completion. It’s very easy to do nothing but following these three steps every day will help you reach your dream weight.


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