A healthy diet

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Eating is not eating enough to satisfy a craving, or to only I need to eat to keep the body healthy and the mind clear and strong, not a disease. Is called. “Healthy food”.Eating is not eating enough to satisfy a craving, or to only I need to eat to keep the body healthy and the mind clear and strong, not a disease. Is called. “Healthy food”.

1.Do not neglect breakfast. Meal is not to be ignored. Because the period of dinner (yesterday) this morning to quite far. Even during sleep, the body was laid to rest. But that does not mean that the various systems of the body to stop working as well, so breakfast is essential. And should be a hand with a value of 5 groups Breakfast also helps reduce chlorine level Cholesterol in the blood. Reduce the risk of heart disease. Help improve energy metabolism

2.Cooking variety. Although rice is the staple food. However, if you choose to eat brown rice would be better. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber in each meal should cook it differently. To add delicious flavor. The body will also increase the nutritional value. Or just change the ingredients of vegetable oil. It helps to have several types of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber and also the benefits of the herbs that help maintain health

3. Drinking a lot of water. It is good for the body. Each day you should drink approximately eight glasses a day in order to have enough water to sustain various cells in the body, helps the digestive system better

4.Calcium to the body. The diet of small fish, tofu or cooked greens. This type of valuable calcium. Which are needed for the body to build strong muscles and bones

5.No snacks are nutrient But loaded with fat and sugar. This will destroy health. Try changing the eating habits of fuss dessert. A fruit or candy. Provides benefits to the body as well. It contains vitamins and fiber. Which are beneficial to the body

6.Eat brown rice and whole wheat to create a strength to the body. Brown has a reputation as a source of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, such as grains or brown rice, sunflower, sorghum, millet, etc. will reduce the chloride level control Cholesterol and blood sugar balance

7.Add vegetables and fruits in each meal. It also is packed with vitamins and minerals, protein and fiber. Also aid in the deterioration of cells Chul. Make skin brighter and younger also have medicinal value and health

8.Choose fish and lean meat cooking. To a high protein diet. Help control the heart rate to normal. It also helps the brain cells. There is also little fat.

9.Beware of contaminants in food. Contaminants were not making us safe from germs, parasites. Toxins and other foreign matter should choose to eat clean. Producing valid. And has not expired.

10. Eating a meal. Whole grains for breakfast every day for over five years.

  LONGEVITY up. Whole grains contain the Antigua-oxidants. Dietary and other factors can reduce the risk of heart disease. It also helps reduce neck stainless blood cholesterol and blood pressure. Encourages the body to use glucose and insulin better.

Cereal with soy protein ingredients to provide increased health benefits. Because soy protein reduces cholesterol level stainless neck blood. The composition of foods with folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 may reduce substance Homo Sister’;s in the blood, which is harmful to the arteries

11 Complex carbohydrates. Best breakfast due to the gradual release of glucose to the brain takes longer to digest and absorb. To choose whole-grain and fruit.

Seafood protein amino acids. Brain to produce the news media. Eggs are rich in protein. B vitamins and choline to help work with memory. Eggs neck stainless high cholesterol. Eggs in an egg a day, but meals are balanced. Research data revealed that not a disadvantage.

Foods high in calcium such as milk, yogurt, soy milk or calcium-fortified cereals. Calcium-fortified orange juice. Aid in fat metabolism and reducing fat accumulation in the body

The 11 items are recommended as a guide only. Still requires flexibility of various individuals. But do not forget that the health of our own importance. Eating properly will help keep us safe from disease and good health.


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