Surprise Surprise! Nothing in your life has ever gone wrong !

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A young actor is crossing a busy street when out of the blue a bus swings into his path. After getting knocked down, he is to spend the next 6 months bedridden in hospital with a broken leg. Realizing he is now going to miss out on important auditions that would benefit his acting career greatly, he decideds that the day he got run down by the bus is the “worst day in his life.

While recouperating in hospital the young actor befriends the patient that occupies the bed next to him. His bedfellow although somewhat older has suffered the same fate as the young actor and will need quite a few months for his leg to also heal. As the two patients chatted it soon became clear that the older of the two was in fact a well known director of Film and TV. Of course, it goes without saying that the months passed quite quickly as the two patients had plenty to talk about due to the fact that they both had the acting industry in common.

Time passed quickly and the twp patients had now left hospital, but not before they had swapped contact numbers. Approximately 2 months after they had left hospital the young actor received a call from his hospital friend (the director) asking would he like to take part in an audition process for a new movie he was doing. Delighted with the opportunity, the young actor shows up for the audition and is surprised to find that he is the only actor to have shown up on the day. Of course this was no accident, the director only had one actor in mind for this part and his bedfellow was the one that he had chosen. The movie went on to be a great success and the young actor became a household name, in fact he won an oscar for his leading role in the movie. When being interviewed by an american TV channel, the young actor was asked what the “greatest day in his life” was… Without a second thought he immediately replied ” The day I was hit by a bus”!!!!

You see the reality of life is this… we were never shown a blueprint of our life when we were born, so what makes us think that anything has ever gone wrong for us?

The universe has a strange way of attracting you to your most inner thoughts and your most inner desires. Whatever occupies your mind on a daily basis will be brought to you in the strangest of ways by the universal mind (God), especially when you are not expecting it. This is not fairytale stuff, this is an actual law, very much as important as the law of gravity. It’;;s known as the law of attraction. What you think about on a daily basis and have a passion for deep down inside ( either good or bad) will, without exception, manifest itself to you directly.

We live in a world were our thinking is more or less done for us. There is so much going on around us on a daily basis that we simplly spend most of our lives reacting to events and circumstances. We spend little or no time actually desiging the thoughts that we think every day. The sad part about it is that this is probably the greatest gift that a human being has been given. We as human beings have been given the gift of “Thoughts” to enable us to design our futures by simply placing within our minds our desires and dreams that we would like to see manifest in our lives. Look how great our bodies are, look how great our world is, did you really think that the universal force that created us all didn’;;t give us some mecanism to enable us to design our lives? Did you really think that your entire life is based on luck?

The best advice that a person can be given, in fact one of the first bits of information that a child is taught in school is this… To get the life that you want you first have to picture it in your mind, you must hold onto this picture and believe whole heartedely that it will manifest itself to you. What you “think” about is your god given gift to controlling what happens in your life, so always be aware of what thoughts you are placing within your mind.


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