Nurse Aide Arrested for assaulting 88- year old man in sufflox county

 It crazy how much the world has gotten. That a Certified nurse and certified nurse’;;s aide would do these horrible thing to a patient When you go and put your loved ones in an adult home you are thinking that adult home that they would be receiving the best possible care.
 Breaking news reminds you that no matter how educed or high in ranks that it doesn’;;t matter it is in the person heart. Raquel burton a license practical nurse and Laura harper a personal care aide where arrested for allegedly tying the old mans hands which whom was bedridden and helpless and defenseless. Not only that the two women placed a pillow over the mans head to restrict his breathing of the 88- year old man. 
      The only good thing that came out of a horrible situation is that the attorney general Schnedeman spoke out and let it be known that even through we in trust nursing homes to protect our loved ones that at this stage they are most voluble. This case is despicable that the investigator found that 43 year old Buton and Haper 58 acted together forcefully punching him multiple time in the Thur so and restricted his air flow. Because of this the patient has substance injury of bruising of the torso and restricted breathing. The investigator also found that buton has falsified progress notes to cover up there crimes.
Attorney general Schnedian says that he will do everything in his power to make sure these women are severely punished.

Bulton and Harper are held in jail on two counts of second degrees felony assault charges which
means that they could serve up to seven years in prison.
Make sure to check on your love ones that are in homes regular to make sure they being taking care of , especially i f they are disable or bedridden so this won’;;t happen to your love one in a nursing home.

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