What You Should Do If Diagnosed with Diabetes

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Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the person has high blood sugar, either because the pancreas does not produce insulin or because the cell does not respond to the insulin. There are three types of diabetes-
1. Type 1- the pancreas fails to produce insulin
2. Type 2- the cell does not respond to the insulin
3. Type 3- It is also called Gestational Diabetes. Its occurs during pregnancy

Diagnosed with diabetes?

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you require a serious change in your lifestyle. Serious, but not tough. You just need to change your food habits, and you have to edit your daily routine a bit. But before making any changes in your lifestyle, one thing you have to do without is “IGNORE THE HORROR STORIES”. Every individual is different the body too reacts differently. It is true that diabetes has many complications and does effects the other parts of our body, but if you take care properly, and follow the guidelines given by your doctor, things can be controlled to a great extent. Here are some methods that you should immediately take up if you are diagnosed with diabetes.

Diet Change

Once diagnosed with diabetes, you have to be very cautious about what you eat. Stop the direct consumption of anything sweet. Sweets, sugar, cakes, ice-creams, cold drinks, donuts, soda etc. Instead of having soda, you can diet soda, it has lesser calorie. Consuming anything which has sucrose is strictly a NO. It is rather beneficial if you start feeding on fruits and vegetables. Select vegetables which have less starch such as Spinach, carrots, green beans, and while selecting fruit make you sure you don’t get anything too sweet or too juicy, such as grapes, mangoes etc. You can go for apples, plums, pears etc. Also, eat what you can digest easily. Avoid deep fried stuffs. Choose low fat cheese, milk, yogurt etc. Don’t consume anything which has sucrose, excess of fat and excess of starch.

Change in Routine

Become more active. Do physical exercise daily. Exercising will decrease the blood glucose level and will burn the fat. At least exercise for 30 minutes daily. Along with that, include few minutes of walking in your daily routine. Walk fast so that you sweat. Only then you’ll be able to burn the fat, and subsequently reduce sugar level.
If you are overweight, shed a few kilos. Obesity affects diabetes to a great extent. Therefore, in order to control your diabetes, you must first control your weight. Also, check your cholesterol and blood pressure. Diabetes mixed with cholesterol and blood pressure, will increase the risk of heart disease.

Take regular medication

Be very sincere about your medicines. Don’t ignore the medications or don’t stop taking the medicines just on the basis of your own understanding. Adhere to the prescription, and do not take medicine according to your whims and fancies.

Get regular check ups

Check your blood glucose level regularly and visit doctor time to time. The first few months after the diagnosis, you must check your blood glucose level frequently. After it comes under control, you can relax and check it as and when suggested by the doctor. If you can successfully make the following changes in your lifestyle, you will surely be able to control your diabetes and lead a normal, unaffected life.


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