Top lunch ideas that will give your children enjoyable and healthy lunch box.

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Making your school going child eats the right diet does not have to be such a huge battle. By working with your child, being creative and planning ahead, you can get to pack a healthy and enjoyable lunch box for your kid. This article will give you some healthy school lunch ideas to help you pack that lunch box for your school going kid that he or she will want to eat.Top healthy school lunch ideas that will give your child an enjoyable and health lunch box

1. Encourage your child to opt for one percent fat free milk. Milk is one of the major sources of saturated fat in your child’;s lunch box. Choose a one percent or fat free milk instead of 2% or whole milk. This will serve to keep your child’;s arteries and heart clear.

2. Unless it is a fat free or low fat content, leave the cheese out of your kid’;s lunch box sandwiches. Although it gives calcium, it has been identified as the second largest source of saturated fats that clog kid’;s arteries. Healthier source of calcium to include in your school going kid lunch box include, lower fat cheese, low fat yogurt, calcium fortified oranges and fat free or one percent milk.

3. Avoid fatty luncheon and make use of low fat alternatives. Most of the supermarkets do offer good tasting free or low fat brands of chicken beast, bologna, turkey beast, and roast beef. These are great to include in your kid’;s lunch box.

4. Include a minimum of one fruit in your kid’;s lunch box. Try and get a different variety each week to help your child discover new healthy favorites. Try melons, cup of applesauce, pineapple etc

5. Include vegetables such as slices of cucumber, roasted peppers, green pepper, lettuce; zucchini in sandwiches, etc. vegetables and fruits lowers your kid’;s chances of developing cancer, blindness, heart diseases and stroke later in his or her life.

6. Make use of whole grain bread in place of white bread or sandwiches. Go for bread that gives whole grain as the first ingredient in the list. Note that if a bread list, unbleached wheat flour or simply wheat, then it is not whole grain.

7. Keep a keen check on brownies, doughnuts, and other sugary baked item. These have been identified in numerous studies as the fourth leading source of saturated fat in most American diets and third largest source of saturated fats.

In conclusion, healthy school lunch ideas entails making sure your kid’;s lunch box is not loaded with sugar and saturated fats. Instead, make it reach in fruits, whole grains, vegetables and proteins.


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