Euthanasia should be legalised

“Being Alive is not merely breathing air,

but being able to provide love and care to someone”

Good Morning! Today I Piyush Gupta stand before you in this forum to support the motion – ‘;Euthanasia should be legalized’;.

My first argument in favour of the motion is that the word ‘;Euthanasia’; does not mean ‘;Mercy Killing’;! Killing refers to the act of depriving someone of his/her life in order to ‘;cause harm’;! But my dear friends, ‘;Euthanasia’; is the act of liberating someone from eternal pain and suffering to give his soul the freedom to take a rebirth in this eternal cycle of life and death.

I would like to ask my worthy opponents a question – ‘;Is just having a presence on this earth called living or is it something beyond?’; Of course living is a far deeper sensation, the feeling that your actions, words or mere being there brings about a smile on someone’;s face; or that someone waits every night for you to come back home is being alive.

I strongly feel that it is not moral but inhuman to forcefully trap a divine spirit into an earthly body, for it it is something we humans must not tamper with.

I fail to understand that when a person has been lying in a vegetative state for over 15 long years, the family has agreed for ‘;euthanasia’; knowing that providing ‘;moksha‘; (liberation of the soul) is the only way out, then why is there such a big issue at all?

I know! My opponent believes that even in a vegetative state, the person provides to us a satisfaction. A satisfaction and hope that he at least is alive, and may become healthy one day. But people, we must not forget that even in a vegetative state, our loved one is suffering the pain we cannot even imagine. I believe that someone who is alive in our hearts and memories holds far more importance than merely breathing ones.

With these arguments, I wholeheartedly support the motion that ‘;Euthanasia should be Legalized’;. 

Thank You

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