Apple Fruit Health

Apple Fruit Health

Apple (Apple) is the fruit slimming / weight loss most popular type in the world.
The apple is a variety of colors such as red apples, green apples. And yellow apples.
The color of the apple depends on the species

Nutritional value of apples
If eaten without peeling. Apple is about 80 calories for energy but also with a kind of soluble fiber, beta carotene, vitamins, minerals and many other kinds.
About 0.1 mg of vitamin B 6.
Vitamin C is about 7.9 mg.
About 0.2 mg of iron.
Copper is about 0.1 mg.
Approximately 158.7 mg

Fibers or fiber contained in apples.
It is a soluble fiber called pectin that contains two types of fatty acids are acrylic acid and tartaric acid.
 Help in the digestion of dietary proteins and fats. In addition, the properties that nourish the heart.
Cholesterol lowering chlorine level pressure control blood sugar. Activation of antioxidant. And kill the virus

Why eat apples to lose weight or lose weight.
Because Apple has in Cabo hydrate and sugar to 75%, the sugar apple is a single molecule absorption and applied quickly.
 So the appetite is reduced. But Apple only fresh, the quality of this.

Highlights of apples by color
1. Apples red. With anti-oxidants or antioxidants as possible. High energy sweet.
2. apple green. Sour taste. Rated eat during weight loss or weight loss.
Because it has less sugar. Can help in weight management as well.
3. Apples yellow. Unlike with other colors. Because the substance Albuquerque Lecithin reduces the risk of cancer.
Coronary heart disease and cataracts

Skin care for combination skin
Start the ball with a cloth moistened with warm water 5 minutes later Cleansing Lotion gently massage cheeks.
And then use the Eye Cleansing cleanse the excess oil and dirt residues in the pore region.
Zone two times and then washed with water

Basic skin care for people with combination skin
 – T-zone skin care methods skin care product tightens pores and controls oil.
 – The skin around the eyes and cheeks painted Essence and cream, to moisturize dry skin
 – During the climate change. Wind or low temperatures. Dry skin is more taut.
   Should mask to replenish moisture
 – Should take care to balance the two zones because it can make it more zones or zones of the skin even more.

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