How to clean baking utensils

It’;s your kid’;s birthday and you make a big, buttery cake for her.

Sounds nice, doesn’;t it?

The cake may be really yummy, but what about cleaning the bakeware after the party? Oh, no!

Every good mom knows that cleaning bakeware is a time consuming and dirty task, one that makes anybody frustrated. It is utterly disheartening to see the same stain and buildup you saw on your baketray two hours ago when you began scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush.


Here comes the solutions to all your problems! And these are sure to make you groan out loud and fill you with amazement at how stupid you had been when everything that you could use to clean your bakeware in a jiffy was within the four walls of your kitchen!

First, go to your kitchen and take out your baking kit. Surely, and most probably you have at least a teaspoonful of baking soda. Yes? Then go and fill a small bowl with a little water and put the baking soda in it. Make a paste of the two and rub it on your bakeware, especially in places where the stain and buildup is really hard. Wait for ten minutes and rub the paste off with a soft scrubber and water. 

And what do you see?

Tada! Your baketray is all new and shining again!

Some people may also use peroxide with the baking soda but it is not a compulsion. The baking soda-water paste works just as well.

The next method may sound a little offhand to you, but trust me, it really works.

But you need a dishwasher.

Don’;t get me wrong, I am not one of those freaks who wash their bakeware in the dishwasher! That is absolutely not my idea. It is one that may cause you to scratch your head in confusion but trust me, it’;s good.

Here goes!

Every dishwasher has an outlet which throws out the dirty and used water into the kitchen sink. In each cycle of the dishwasher, water is used up and then drained from the dishwasher into the sink.

Now, this is what you must do. Keep your dirty baketray in the kitchen sink right where the dirty water from the dishwasher falls. As the dirty water from the dishwater falls on it, all the buildup loosens from the surface of the baketray and by the time the dishwasher finishes its cycle, you can even sell your baketray as new to somebody!

For it will be so clean and shiny!

Some people use oven cleaners which are very effective on all types of surfaces. But some argue that it should be used only on pyrex (glass) bakeware which is non absorptive in nature. Nonstick and silicon may absorb toxins in the oven cleaner which may in turn cause undesirable conseuences.

Some ovens have a self cleaning function; if your oven does, make use of it! Don’;t waste long hours cleaning the bakeware!

The easiest and perhaps the most practical method is this: after transferring the cake from the baketray to the cake holder, fill the baketray with water and put it in the still hot oven until the oven cools. Then rinse the backtray and bingo! It’;s clean!

This may not work very well well with fan assisted ovens but still it takes off most of the stains and buildup on the bakeware. Something is better than nothing!

For those people who believe that prevention is better than cure, here goes! Grease your baking pans with butter if you are baking a cake and grillware with oil if you plan to grill, let’;s say, chicken kebabs. This ensures that the cake does not stick excessively to the surface of the bakeware and the chikcen comes off easily when removed, without leaving much stains or buildup.

Cleaning cookie sheets is another nightmare for busy moms with hungry children. It is advised to cover the cookie sheet with nonstick foil paper at all times, even in storage. You may preheat them with the foil on and place what you want to bake, directly on the foilpaper. After baking, however, you may wish to change to foilpaper. But if the foilpaper is not dirty, it isn’;t necessary to do so. And anytime you peel off the foilpaper, your cookie sheet is as good as new.

All these methods above can used to also clean old and mutilated cookware and to bring back their shine. They are a real money and time saver and can be used be anybody and everybody.

Use these techniques and clean your bakeware faster and more effectively!

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