Diego da Costa: Determination, Discipline, Charity

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Diego da Costa is one of Brazil’s most notable athletes and among the biggest names in Jiu Jitsu. He started his athletic career with Judo. During his 20 years of constant training, fighting, and perfecting the art, he had won numerous state championships and earned impressive titles.

Later in his career he decided to explore other forms of martial arts like T’;ai chi Ch’;uan, boxing and muay thai. But it wasn’t until he was introduced to Jiu Jitsu in 2009 when he became most interested with its techniques and the challenges that come with the art. He became very passionate with the new found sport and in just 15 days after starting his training Jiu Jitsu, he won “The Pernambuco Championship”, one of the biggest competitions in Brazil.

Such achievement would not be possible without the extraordinary determination Diego da Costa has for Jiu Jitsu and for martial arts in general. His remarkable self-discipline is demonstrated in his strict training routine which he starts off with meditation, running and vascular exercises before Jiu Jitsu. He incorporates Tai- Chi and Judo in his routine which he completes in 7 hours each day. But as da Costa believes that cutting corners is never a way to obtain victory, he follows his quite difficult routine with pure dedication and discipline.

For Diego da Costa, it isn’t just all about training and winning. He believes that no victory is sweet until one is able to give back. His commitment to social causes is as strong as his passion for martial arts. He sets aside time to help his mother run a social project twice a week for the Teenagers of Muribeca, a city in Jaboatao dos guararapes. He offers free judo and jiu jitsu lessons to less fortunate children and contributes to the “Soup day” project where cooks prepare and distribute soup to the needy.

But da Costa’s desire to help others doesn’t end there. He acknowledges that there are plenty of unfortunate kids and teenagers who desire to engage into martial arts and be able to build a career for themselves as well, but does not have the financial means to obtain proper training. To give promising talents an equal opportunity to succeed in sports, Diego da Costa is now working on opening a martial arts gym in Recife, Brazil. Once officially launched, his gym will offer classes for judo and jiu-jitsu totally free.

When asked about his involvement in social projects in one of his recent interviews, da Costa said, “I think more important than to be a good athlete is to help others especially children in need.”


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