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When you search the Google search engine, you also see Google Ads. They are everywhere, and almost everyone relies on Google AdSense for cash. But what if things don’;;;t work out with Google AdSense? What if the ad program does not exist one day? Then what? If advertising is the way to go in order to make cash, I think every business and company should have thier own ads. 

What if Bukisa could have their own ads? Then the pubishing service will not have to rely and worry about Google or any other ad program. They can use their own. They could use Bukisa content to advertise. Buskia could also allow content writers to add their blog url’;;;s to advertise blog content. After all, at Buskia, it is all about content. People want viewers and to get paid for their articles. So if Bukisa could advertise content as users write, that would be great. 

Bukisa could advertise pictures, blogs, articles, and videos. This would help get more viewers to the content. The ads would be made for people to click on. Every time an author receives visitors, Bukisa could share the ad revenue with it’;s members. Viewers would not have to worry about getting someone’;s account canceled and authors of content would not have to worry about getting their accounts canceled either. Bukisa could have ads that are meant to click on. If someone is interested in reading or seeing, the ads should be clicked on.The viewer should be allowed to click on the ad at least one time. That way, nobody can say that somebody clicked ads just to click. I think Bukisa should have their very own ads.


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