Heat in Damascus, but no hot tours now.

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The U.S. assault ship “San Antonio” is moored in Israel, in the port of Haifa. He was rushed shot out of the current mission and sent to the shores of Syria. On the board this ship, according to the latest data, something about five hundred Marines, communications equipment and combat helicopters. Thus, the American squadron in the East Mediterranean region increased to seven ships that carry about three hundred cruise missiles. 

The higher the probability of an American missile strike, the more aggressive behave militants of radical groups. Military fixed constant attempts to push the front line closer to the center of Damascus. In the western part of the city near Sumar, at the 5th of September, was detected a massive explosion. Killing at least four people. Six more – in the hospital with serious injuries. A car bomb exploded near the research center of the Ministry of Industry. What exactly was the purpose of terrorists – is unknown. And not far from the site of the explosion, in the north-western suburbs of Damascus, have a plce the fierce battle.

What is the situation in the Christian town of Maalulya, located 50 kilometers north of Damascus, has not been fully understood until now. The road to the city is blocked by snipers from the opposition. According to reports from various sources, the militants from “anti-Nusra Front” attacked the city, where the most ancient Christian shrines are. During the attack eight soldiers of government forces was killed, two tanks burned, also insurgents shot down the APCs. City shelled with mortars. After that street fighting broke out, members of the “Front anti-Nusra” used heavy machine guns. 
The evening of 5 September, the full-scale army operation to liberate the city, residents Maalula say that the military used helicopters. If the Islamists take over Maalulyu, the Christian population is in danger. There is no information about the victims between the inhabitants. Also the road which connects the Capital with the largest city of Homs, can be blocked if the military will not be able to push the rebels into the mountains.

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