Ruby & Lily

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Lily Pearl was a dappy rock chick with a mop of curly blonde hair and big blue eyes (which she considered her best feature when they weren’t bloodshot after a heavy night). Lily lived her life to the full as best she knew how; a life full of rock music and good friends and plenty of laughter. She may not have travelled the world as she once thought she might, but she had lots of great experiences – as well as emotionally challenging ones, as with everyone’s lives – and was generally pretty happy with her life.

Then one day, through mutual friends, she was introduced to a girl who would share her life so beautifully, she would wonder how she ever felt complete before her. That girl was Ruby Bloom. Ruby was another rock chick, with hair like crimson embers, warm brown eyes, and a smile for everyone.

Ruby Bloom was better travelled and more confident in herself than Lily. She was at ease in a group of strangers, and one of those people others instantly gravitated towards, and loved being around. They shared similar teenage rock music paths, and the same morals and principles. But perhaps more importantly to Lily, they shared the same faith in the beauty of a real friendship.

Though they did not spend every social moment with one another as they did in their teenage friendships, time spent together was always special, and never less than a lot of fun. They lived miles apart, they partied together with others regularly for weekend excursions, usually in the pursuit of some rock band or other. And they spoke regularly and at some length – after the usual round of answerphone tennis! – on the telephone. And they often found that when one was down, and keeping to herself and not wanting to be a burden, the other would be going through a downtime of their own, and not calling for that same reason.

Their paths would move apart. Lily met her husband and became Mother Peal, joyous occasions that Ruby shared in, and was a constant support. Ruby’s wanderlust began to surface again, and her path took her off around the world, before she settled half the globe away, teaching young children English. A job she was made for. Whilst sad that Ruby would be away for longer, Lily was so happy that Ruby was out doing her thing and enjoying it. The mark of true friendship is utter selflessness on the part of the other.

Theirs is a friendship without boundaries; time and distance made no difference. So although half a world apart, Ruby and Lily always know they have the rock of each other, as well as the loving support of their families. They can live their lives, knowing their bond is forever strong, and that whenever they do get together, it will be a wonderful occasion, filled with hugs, laughter, and – of course – rock music.


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