Encourage the Daredevil in You and Pursue Bungee Jumping

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Your life is not exactly short, but that does not mean that you must not attempt to reap the most fun out of it. You have already become a dedicated employee and family member. Given everything you have accomplished for others, you must also do things that will certainly benefit you above everyone else. If you want a very rewarding, adrenaline-pumping and electrifying experience, you must bring out the daredevil in you and try bungee jumping.

You may be first interested on knowing what essentially bungee jumping is about. It refers to the act of dropping off from a very high distance while staying attached to a very long and very durable elastic cord. Bungee jumpers usually jump from very tall buildings, bridges and other immensely elevated man-made structures. It is also possible to perform this hobby using naturally occurring structures given that they provide sufficiently tall distances that have essentially clear pathways for falling down. There are also more dedicated or much braver adrenaline junkies who perform the feat using moving objects like choppers or hot-air balloons.

Bungee jumping grants its fulfilling and breathtaking thrill when the participant undergoes the fast paced free fall and the subsequent recoil after completing the stunning and nerve-racking jump. The jumper will experience several rounds of moving downwards and upwards after the long intense free fall until the elastic cord completely loses the immense kinetic energy generated in it. The most crucial, most emotional and most beneficial moments happen exactly after you step down from the very high platform, which you will initially hesitate to leave behind for several frozen moments or minutes. You are expected to be bothered by the immense pressure of falling down and the irrational fear that your cord will just give you up. However, after overcoming the prolonged agony, fear and hesitation; you will be filled with pure joy, undeniable sense of fulfillment and indescribable euphoria.     

The Dangerous Sports Club of Oxford University can take the blame or credit for initiating the quite recent interest in the valiant form of recreation. Members of the club jumped from the Clifton Suspension Bridge during the April Fools’ Day of the year 1979. Many enthusiasts and thrill seekers later followed their lead. A highly noteworthy name among them is Alan John Hackett, who immensely popularized and essentially immortalized commercial bungee jumping.    

Since the first instances have been performed in the last century, maybe millions of very triumphant and immensely emotional jumps have already been achieved by mankind. These jumps were made by people coming from various age brackets, social classifications, nationalities and life stories. There have already been many thousands of brave souls that have already attempted and successfully executed the marvelous and gratifying feat. A lot of them are much older or much younger and much busier than you. It is definitely very hard to come up with a valid excuse not to undergo the daunting but rewarding and thrilling task unless if you have severe acrophobia or a truly very vulnerable heart. 

Given the pulsating but terrifying elevations involved, there have already been some reported casualties due to the extreme recreational activity. Such unfortunate incidents typically result from the overestimation of the length and stretch of the utilized elastic cord. Despite such inconvenient reality, you must not fear that bungee jumping will do you significant harm as long as you’ll be dealing with an extreme sport company that has already facilitated hundreds or thousands of victorious and glorious jumps from various renowned locations. Such kind of company meticulously checks the quality and length of the elastic cord, the reliability of the fitting and the computations they make regarding your momentous jump. You can completely trust that your first daredevil jump will not become your last. 


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