It Takes Guts : Writing Creatively

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I guarantee that atleast once in your life you’;ve researched on how to be the best creative writer. Perhaps that is why you have found yourself here on my article. Let me tell you I have spent plenty of hours trying to find the best way to become a creative writer, and the answer is just not out there. You can not just wake up one day or after many hours of research and “how to’;s” and make a masterpiece that wins you fame and fortune.

You may never gain the recognition and fame you so wholeheartedly deserve. That does not mean you should be discouraged in writing creatively though. My one piece of advice to you is to be true to yourself. If you have to force it you aren’;t going to enjoy it, and worse of all you are going to constantly critique and reject your own writing. Writing that could very well be the most unique and wonderful piece to come out in ages.

Write from your soul and heart. If it hurts to write it, if it’;s embarassing or hard to express without crying then you are doing it right. Writers bleed their souls onto the pages of their work. Their very being is encompassed in their prized works, and yours can be too.

Do not fake it, write it out. If right now you are still stinging over a break up or a let down in promotion at work, then let your characters spill forth and feel the same emotions you do. Explain to your readers exactly how that breakup felt from the first shocked feeling down to the very vulnerabilities that cause you pain even today.

Pain is Gain! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!


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