A Small Intrduction to An Electronic Cigarette

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          An electronic cigarette is a very good product of new generation smokers. It is an alternative to traditional cigarettes. It is also known as an e–cigarette or an e-cig and personal vaporizer. It has an electronic inhaler that vaporizes liquid into an aerosol mist. Some e-cigarettes look similar but some look different from the original ones.

          The electronic cigarette is invented by the person who invented a smokeless non tobacco cigarette; his name was Hebert A. Gilbert. But he was never getting famous in back his time around 1967 and got disappeared apparently. In 2000, a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented first electronic cigarette. He got the idea of inventing electronic cigarette by using piezoelectric ultrasound-emitting to vaporize a pressurized jet of liquid, contain nicotine diluted in a propylene glycol solution.

          The electronic cigarette is first introduced in the domestic market as a smoking replacement. In 2005-2006 the electronic cigarette started to export in other countries. In United States electronic cigarette is first introduced in 2007. It is an alternative to the traditional cigarettes which does not contain tobacco but liquid nicotine. E-cigarette uses the technique in which the liquid nicotine heats up which turns into vapors and smokers inhale and exhale that vapor. According to many customers, the nicotine vapors have many advantages, but according to the health organizations the advantages and disadvantages are not sure.

          These electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco. In the United States, on the purchase of cigarettes have some laws because these are tobacco products. To purchase tobacco items an individual must be at least 18 years of age, but E-cigarettes are not subject to U.S. tobacco laws, it means a person does not need any kind of proof of age, especially online. An Electronic-cigarette manufacturer claims that people can smoke these cigarettes anywhere.

          There are many reasons why one should choose electronic cigarette over traditional cigarette. These do not produce ash which means no use of ashtray. These cigarettes are less toxic and do not have much chemicals, only which are safe to use. It does have different flavors which taste very good and especially they are odorless. The electronic cigarettes are easy to use as it comes in two pieces with attached battery. You can smoke it anywhere, because it contains no tobacco in it. If we compare the price of an electronic-cigarette with traditional cigarette, e-cigs are very cheap. It has no tobacco in it, we cannot say that they are healthy but compare to the other cigarette they are good.

          Electronic-cigarettes are very helpful in quit smoking. While smoking an e-cig a person is imagining that he/she is smoking a real cigarette, in actual he/she not smoking a real cigarette. But there is another true that they don’t work for everyone. Some of the smokers are able to quit but some not. But you can try it for a change.


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