Causes And Treatment Of Tinnitus

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          Tinnitus is a hearing problem, like ringing in the ear. Sometimes we hear a sharp sound in the ear; it could be ringing, buzzing and hissing sound, which may be associated with hearing loss. In medical terminology, tinnitus is defined as the ringing different sounds in the ear. These are not hallucination sounds.

          Tinnitus has two types: subjective and objective. Subjective tinnitus is heard only by the patient but the doctor cannot hear. Whereas the objective tinnitus heard by the doctor, which means it could be due to the contractions of the middle ear and palatable muscles.

          Tinnitus has two different kinds of nature, with deafness, and without deafness. Tinnitus, which is associated with deafness, has measurable hearing loss, which present in most of the patients.

          Tinnitus associated without deafness may not find any cause but aural lesions can be detected. It can be caused by anemia, cerebral vascular disease. Both hypo and hyper tensions can also cause by tinnitus.

          Pain and itching in the ear cannot be related to hearing loss, but may be co-existed with it. Itching happens due to irritation and any inflammatory or injury in the ear which is caused by an external substance like ear buds, match sticks, pencil, etc. The aching of the ear may be due to disease in the ear too. There is a disease called vertigo which is associated with instability and dizziness and caused by diseases in the middle ear, inner ear and can be with the medications too. The suspected hearing can be a simple condition or can be a serious disease. Tinnitus can also be the result of a number of health conditions, such as noise induced hearing loss, brain tumors, ear and sinus infections, disease of heart or blood vessels, hormonal changes in women and thyroid abnormalities.

          Tinnitus can be treated medically or surgically. If the tinnitus is caused by the health conditions the doctor might use several methods to reduce the noise. For example use of ear wax removal, treating blood vessel condition etc. Most doctors use the combinations of hearing aids, wearable sound generators, and tabletop sound generators.

          To prevent the tinnitus or keep it away from getting it worse, one should limit the exposure to loud noise. People who work in noisy environments such as factory or construction sites can develop tinnitus easier than those who don’t. The exposure of the noise damages tiny sensory hair cells in the inner ear and transmits the noise in the brain. He or she should wear earplugs and turn down the volume to prevent the tinnitus.


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