Some notes when helping children in take exercise for weight loss

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Note that taking exercise to lose weight for your baby help you understand more

about the difference between weight loss exercise for adults and children. Exercise

helps increase the body’s energy consumption, but the process that requires step by

step, do not be hasty, if not it will affect your child’s health.


Some notes when helping children in take exercise for weight loss

Frequency: 5-7 times a week, it’s the best to practice daily.

Intensity: Need to feel a little sweating, hard and panting. Take endurance that the

child can withstand as the limit.

Time: For beginning, maybe just 20 minutes, then gradually increase to 30-90

minutes. The effect will be significant if the time is more than an hour.

The type of exercise: walking is the best, followed by swimming, cycling, climbing

stairs, dancing and some kinds of body movement with frequency medium and low.

Note when taking exercise to lose weight to ensure for health of children
When you help your child take exercise to lose weight, you should keep patient to

do from 18 weeks or more. You also base on the physical condition of the child to

arrange appropriate time.

– Select the most appropriate environment for infants to take exercise.

– Try to let the child exercise in daily activities.

–  Create suitable plan for the child to do easily.

– Increase intensity and difficult level of the exercise, such as increasing the distance

of slow running.

Note: children need encourage from parents

– The parent or members of the family should practice with your child or let him do with friends.

– Record data such as intensity, duration, energy consumption … Regularly compare

indicators and encourage children eager to practice.

– Notice to combine with suitable diet.


Remind these things in order to help them lose weight more easily!


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