Brookyn Rediscovered!

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During the last weeks of summer vacation many parents try to take last minute day trips to fill up the last of days of summer.  So when my sister called last week and suggested Brooklyn Bridge Park with the promise of a great day we jumped at it.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is the area under the Brooklyn Bridge that was just revamped with every type of park area you can think of.  We were pleased to find a sprikler park, the Pop Up Pool, playgrounds for different age groups, and soccer feilds built right on top of a pier.  The veiws of downtown Manhattan were great from any vantage point in the park.

But this wasn’;;t what we enjoyed the most.  We found free kayaking lessons being offered off the dock by Pier 6 and we jumped on the opportunity.  We were all alittle wary of trying this, the fear of falling into the East River looming large in all of our minds as we have never kayaked before.  But as we waited on line, for a mere 10 minutes I might add, we spoke to people of all ages and backgrounds and they alayed our fears.  Our friendly fellow kayakers assured us that it was easy, safe and extremely enjoyable. 

With a mini-lesson on how to stear the kayak and a quik check of our life-vests we were led to the dock and were swiftly ushered onto our kayaks and pushed off! At that point you had no choice but to start steering and after a couple of minutes of coordinating your steering with your kayak partner you look up and you can’;;t believe the beautiful scene in front of you.  You are looking at the beautiful Manhattan skyline right in front of you at sunset! My son and I steered and met up with our group and then we all just layed back and looked up at the sky, the sunset, the Statue of Liberty off in the distance and the building straight ahead.  When we set off for Brooklyn that morning we never expected this thrilling experience.

After we lifted ourselves out of our kayaks after about a half hour we discovered there was even more free events waiting for us to do.  Every Thursday during the summer there is a free outdoor movie offered.  We made it just in time, layed out our blanket, took out our cooler and snacked as we listend to the DJ as we waited for the movie to start.

We couldn’;;t believe our luck, we just had a great day, with great weather, full of new experiences and were now relaxing outdoors to watch a movie. All this, in Brooklyn.  I was laying back, looking around at all the happy people around us having their own picnic dinners enjoying themselves and I suddenly felt so thankful.  Thankful for this great day in Brooklyn.  If you too would like to discover Brooklyn and Brooklyn Bridge Park go to to find out what special events are being offered that you and your family might enjoy!


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