past is the one which has the potential to become future again

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The statement” past will never leave u ” is so right and is applicable on each of us because its the one which makes us future and it has the potenial to again enter in our life.

If we talk about fashion market before 2006-2007 people used to wear bellbotton jeans as well as bell-bottom pants with high waist ,then the secnario again changes in India after that and from 2008 narrow bottom jeans and low waist jeans captured the whole market.The selling of bellbotom goes down and narrow bottom captured the whole market.Now again in 2013 the scenario changes and now peole are looking towards the high waist jeans again.This is not new but its is experienced by me and this trend is quite older as in 1990′;s narrow botton captured the market previous it was holded by bell bottoms.

If we talk about two wheelers first bullet,rajdoot etc were in great demand In 1980.After that many bike companies cmoes into existence and they have launched a new and fashionable bikes like pulsar, karizma etc. which have captured a market because they have attracted the youths as well as they are offering more milage then bullets.But now again aviator and royal enfield heavy and have look like rajdoot and bullets have slight difference in look are attracting the youths. The youth now wants to have a bike like aviator and royal enfield because it shows, here also past repeated once again.

If we talk about medical field then in medical field too it is happening.

In india people was depended on ayurved the natural way to treating or curing a disease or say keeping a living being healthy.Then the medical field comes into existence and they have inventer a lot of medicines for the curement of many diseases.But, now a days many pharmeticual companies are using neem,haldi etc like things which our ancestors were using for their treatment. It means the old concepts are very natural and very affective so the medical industries are using that things to cure a patient naturally by manufacturing medicines with the use of neem,tulsi,haldi etc like products.As it is natural so there is no side effects because there is a danger of side effect if we use certain chemicals to make any tablet or capsules.So here also we are using concepts of past, to make our future strong.

Today, in india many places are there which are using their old traditional culture to attract the visitors.Actually the statement ” ols is gold ” is very true because if we respect our culture then others will. In india many places, resorts and hotels are attracting customers through their old traditional style. They have given theme like their tradition , they have decorated the place according to their tradition and and the employees their are wearing traditional dresses. So, the customer will get a new climate and he/she will definately attracted towards it. so this is also explaining how the past is becming our future.

And one more thing ” past is the thing which helps in our present to make a bright future” :).

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