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“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” We all have either heard or read this phrase umpteen number of times. Perceptions may differ, but the fact remains, the only thing that registers in the mind is Visual or visible beauty!

William Wordsworth said” A thing of beauty is a joy forever! “It is difficult to go beyond that in actual situations. A fact!

How often do we appreciate a dancing peacock, beautiful love birds…..But what about a crow or for that matter a vulture?? A beautiful lady, a handsome man, a beautiful Scenic spot………Everything connected with visual beauty draws immediate attention. Beauty attracts like a magnet.

When we think of a holiday destination, it is always the picturesque hills or mountains, the golden beaches and the list is endless! All associated with physical beauty. Why so? The reason is simple- Visual beauty brings a soothing effect on the stressed minds even if it is temporary or fleeting!

Look at International beauty pageants there is so much stress on beauty in the physical form-Beautiful hair, Beautiful smile, Beautiful eyes…! But where is the inner beauty i.e. The Mind? When it comes to that, most of them get away by parroting well-rehearsed lines.

Beauty is not skin deep when it comes to mortals-people may say. But where is the Barometer to judge it at first glance? It takes time to know a person’s internal beauty,i.e The Mind .Relations thrive because of a beautiful, balanced and mature mind .But the irony is every relation starts with Physical attraction !

Hence, Mind over Matter! Well, it is debatable!


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