Getting along with computer network Configuring

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Before wasting any time and money it is the best practice to first find out the network type you want to use that is either peer to peer or server-client networking. After setting up the systems, the next major task is to configure systems with a network. This task can be tricky and would need an experienced professional to make full maps of networking wires. So before going for any network devices or configuration, it is necessary to find out which network types best suit your organization’s needs.

The reason you need professional, is making a wrong guess about the suitable network type that could result in waste of precious time, resources and money. After carefully analyzing the needs and requirements of your very own situation, you would have to either choose peer to peer or client/server network type.

Peer To Peer Network Configuration

Peer to peer network configuration is comparatively simple and can be done by a person with general knowledge of networking. In this type of networking, a single Workgroup is used and unique names are assigned to every computer on the network. Every computer is also required to be assigned with unique IP address and subnet mask for the purpose of communication. The IP addresses can be chosen from A, B and C class. For class A, IP address and subnet mask setting for four computers will be like,,,, with default subnet mask of The given IP format is very common and quite easy for people to have a better understanding. Otherwise, you can change the IP address format. Class A IP cannot exceed from the 223 value. That means you can go up to Peer to Peer network type is best suitable for home networks and small sized organizations. In this network type, if one computer has malfunctioned or not connected to the network, other computers can still maintain and access the network.

Client/Server Network Configuration

Client/ server network type is quite complicated and complex from peer to peer networking. In this type of network, a single computer known as server or dedicated server controls the rest of the computers. All the computers connected to the network are called clients and the main and dedicated computer is known as a server. Client computers are connected to the server through hub or switches with the help of LAN cards and hard networking wires. Client computers can access the dedicated server at the same time for retrieving files, images, database, documents, spreadsheets and access hardware like printers, scanners and fax machines. In client/server networking, server is the only controller that centralizes everything on the network. If a server fails, the entire network will be shut down and clients will only be able to access local drives.

The first and most important step of this type of networking is to configure the server. The most widely acknowledged and used operating system for servers is of Microsoft. Managing and administrating the Microsoft Windows Server needs a properly certified professional. Because a slightest mistake can collapse the whole network. After successful server installation and configuration, client computers are required to be configured. If you are interested in fully understanding the networking and other inter-related things, you can get IT training and become a professional.


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