How to publish an ebook?

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Do you think you’re the next big, famous writer and want the novel you keep under your bed to be read by someone else, besides your friends and family ? Here is what you need to do for getting your work easily published as an e-book.

Unfortunately, publishing a real book is pretty hard and real expensive, since, given the internet that niche took a bad turn.

Now, e-books offer a promising future, because there are more and more iPad, Smart Phone and gadget owners.

When it comes to the writing quality, the same set of rules as with a real book are applied. A digital book has to be well written, if you’re hoping to sell it easily. Cover and title have to be more than good, since this is the first thing people see when searching for a book.

There are some companies that offer special services on online editing. One of these services and probably the most popular is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, also know as KDP.

Using this kind of service, there are no middle men involved in the process of publishing your e-book. You, the author, simply have to send them the e-book. They then edit it and converts it to their own special Amazon format for publishing. After this you earn 70% or all the sales made.

The author of an e-book, however, gets to iPad or Kindle with the help of some other publishing platforms as Smashwords or Lulu. This kind of platforms isn’t using Digital Rights Management or DRM.

For example, Smashwords is making your book in just a few minutes, and the author will earn 85% of its selling value, if the book is published only through the company’s service and 60% if the book is being distributed to other virtual book stores like Apple’s iBooks or Sony. By publishing your book at, the main publisher of Apple iBookstore, the author will earn 56% of the book’s selling price.


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