Some tips for a healthy pregnancy

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  1. When a woman gets pregnant ,there are some hormonal changes that take place in her  body. Due to this reason she cannot  consume heavy meals at a time So,she should split the food into small portions and have five six well balanced meals a day . One should pay attention in consuming more milk a little extra protein ,Several servings of fruits and vegetables and juices which also helps to reduce the oxidative stress. Few vitamins ,minerals and supplements are very important for a gestating mother like,Folic acid,vitamin B Complex, Zinc, Magnesium,Calcium,Iron,Fish Oils etc…
  1. Prenatal vitamins are necessary as it plays a critical role in early development of the brain and spinal cord. Take multivitamin with folic acid daily prior to conception and through out preghancy by the obstetrician.
  1. Plenty of liquid is necessary to over come constipation ,digestion problems and to reduce oxidative stress .While pregnancy blood volume may increase up to 30% ,so adequate fluid intake is required to remain healthy.
  1. One should remain active and can practice Yoga,Meditation or deep breathing exercises.
  1. A pregnant woman should have minimal stress in her life . Practice slow deep breathing and relaxing various muscle groups will help de-stress.
  1. Avoid consuming cigarettes, alcohol, street drugs , artificial coloring agents sodas or any kind of ver the counter medicines even prescribed by the obstetrician.
  2. Take adequate rest, at least 8hrs sleep at night. If there are sleep disturbance at night try to take

daytime naps.

  1. To avoid feet/ankle swelling and fatigue during pregnancy one should keep their feet up several times a day and should wear comfortable non restrictive shoes.

      9) During pregnancy one should check their hormonal analysis ,blood tests and blood sugar levels  regularly and should take necessary medication as advised by Doctor


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